About Facility

Tünektepe Cable Car, which has been hosting its valued guests since 2017, continues to offer you a magnificent visual feast experience in the city with its technical and administrative staff.

At the summit of Tünektepe which is at an altitude of 605, our Social Facility welcomes you with its rich menu where you can meet your food and beverage needs in company with the magnificent view. Pizza House, Tea House, Main Restaurant and Ice Cream House serve in our facility. You can access our facility menu by clicking here. In the sections of the administrative building, there are areas where our visitors can provide for all their needs, and the beauties all over the city with binoculars placed around the cafes; You can also watch the harbor, Rat Island and many other bays.

Our cable car is approximately 1706 meters and the cable length is 3604 meters. We take you to the Tünektepe summit after an average of 9 minutes' journey with our 36 cabins with a capacity of 6 people, which can easily carry 1200 people per hour.

You should definitely visit Tünektepe to enjoy this unique view in the center of the city, which brings the Mediterranean and the forest together.